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GrandMu Game Update v1.0!

Dear Players!

Game Update was released. To enter game update your game client with Launcher or download and extract this Patcher manually.

[FIX] Minimum and Maximum Magic Damage skill of third skill tree did not apply to Rune Wizard class
[FIX] Ancient Apocalypse sets did not work for Illusion Knight class
[FIX] Invalid number of exchange in Spirit Stones mix when Excellent AA/BAA item was used
[FIX] Odd issues where monsters and players rarely and randomly may disappear from view
[FIX] Third artifact option was not saved properly
[FIX] Combo Skill Shield Ignore option did not apply to third hit of the combo
[FIX] Cloak Damage Increase option of third skill tree did not work for Illusion Knight class 
[FIX] Completing specific quests was not possible at random occasions, e.g. vault certificate
[FIX] HP is not set to valid value after move among servers when any of HP bonus present
[FIX] Selected events start time mismatch by 1 min
[FIX] Personal Store vulnerability
[FIX] Ancient option 'Increase 15% wiz damage' did not work correctly
[FIX] Damage barrage for selected skills did not display correctly in game: chaotic Diseier, Gigantic Storm, Fire Burst, Lighting Shock, Ice Blast, Flame
[FIX] Artifact options did not apply after character switch or reconnect
[FIX] Top accumulated damage reward for Boss Battle Together event was not applied correctly
[FIX] Possible black screen issue upon joining a server in specific scenario
[FIX] Selected monsters were missing configuration of their skills
[FIX] Possible game client performance loss during Castle Siege event
[FIX] Gates sometimes do not appear in Imperial Guardian event
[MOD] Reworked Party Matching to resolve general issues with the system
[FIX] Invite Friend (to party) option from Friends list was not working
[FIX] Reward for MuRummy mini-game was processed on invalid terms, modified MuRummy.ini
[FIX] Players getting unexpectedly kicked from Imperial Guardian event
[FIX] Bound Bless of Light being used by MuHelper before expiration of already applied buff
[FIX] Party Assign Helper option does not work when used within same server
[FIX] Rare scenario game client getting a "black screen" upon entry to the game
[FIX] Helper Assign improperly manages/moves to party master coordinates
[FIX] Fourth skill tree debuffs as described on skill tooltip
[FIX] MuRummy x3 mini-game does not issue proper number of reward
[FIX] Harmony HP recovery option does not work properly
[FIX] Part of character data not being loaded after use of party move between different channels
[FIX] Boss Battle Together vent does not start at second and further scheduled time
[FIX] Selection of skills does not work while ridding a Fenrir
[FIX] Third class check dependent systems were failing because invalid detection of third character class
[FIX] Bleeding Debuff of fourth skill tree was applying additional (yellow) damage on every barrage instead of first barrage only
[FIX] Use of Darkness or Berserker buffs of summoner could lead in HP going to negative value

GrandMu Staff.

Posted 03/04/2023, By admin

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