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Server Rules

General Server Rules and Regulations

The following Terms of Service ("TOS", "Terms" or "Agreement") apply to your use of our website and all services, features and/or content provided by GrandMu. By donating one or more services from GrandMu you declare that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by this TOS. The latest version of our TOS is always available on the GrandMu website. It is essential that you read this TOS prior to registering or donating in any service(s) from GrandMu.

Account Agreement
By registering in GrandMu you agree to the following:

1. All information related to your account(s) is property of GrandMu.

2. We are not responsible for the security of your account name and password. Players must take drastic measures to protect their accounts. This simply means, never login your account(s) and password information to a non GrandMu website. Do not give away your login information, the moment you give away your login information or personal information you basically gave away all the items that you have, including the account itself. Infraction of this rule is done at your own risk.

3. Any problems arising from sharing your account(s), passwords or personal information in any Internet café or other actions are the sole responsibility of the registered user of the account. We will not take responsibility nor provide any support with whatever issues that may occur to your account.

4. Do not login to any of the users account. Once you do, your computer hardware number will be registered to that users account. In case of any account and/or hardware ban, your computer will be ban as well even if your own personal account is not banned. To access your account, you will need to use a new PC. This rule also applies to any Internet café, school or library owned computers.

5. We will not provide any support to users who are using hide IP, proxy or any 3rd party programs. Using 3rd party software will be punished with permanent ban.

6. By becoming a member of GrandMu, you are subscribing to server newsletter which will be sending out monthly.

7. Names (Character Names/IGN (In-Game Names)) and Guilds must not contain Administrator and GameMaster Nicknames.

8. You may not impersonate or present yourself to be a representative of the server management or staff. If caught posing as an Admin or GM you will be banned permanently.

Account and Items Buy, Sell and Trade
1. Buying, selling and trading accounts and items for real money or to any other gaming servers that does not affiliates GrandMu is strictly prohibited.

2. All GrandMu accounts, items and any GrandMu related is a property of the server owner.

3. If you are caught buying, selling and trading items for real money outside GrandMu website, community chat (Facebook, Forum, Discord and etc.) and in-game it will result in being banned permanently.

4. This simply means, if we find you selling GrandMu properties in any of the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, any gaming forum, or any buy, sell and trading website etc. your character(s) and account(s) will be banned without notice.

Server Donations and Refunds
1. Any donations made to the server are non-refundable. Buying Credits and Donations are both different things. We do not sell GrandMu Credits but we only accept donations made willingly by the user of the account. All donation values have its own Credits rewards.

2. The Credits reward can be used in purchasing items in the GrandMu CashShop (in-game shop), exchanging Credits to W Coins, adding hide, VIP features and to any services available for the user of the account.

3. GrandMu Administrator(s) and GM(s) will not be held responsible for any lost, disappeared, missing, stolen items. Whatever the cause maybe we will never refund or give back any lost items. (This also includes Donations, Items, Seals, W Coins, Credits, Levels, Hide, VIP and etc.).

1. Any donation made is non-refundable.

2. If you have donated once or 100 times, it doesn't matter, you are still equal with any other player(s) who hasn't donated at all.

3. Donators don't have more importance in what they say than any other players. This means, that every player that donates are to be treated equally the same as non-donators.

4. If rules are broken donators can also be banned easily just like any player.

5. If for any reason a donator gets banned, all items in his account(s) will be blocked along with the account. It will also not be returned to him/her under any circumstances.

Digital Products and Services
1. GrandMu management do not issue refunds for any digital products and services once the order is submitted.

2. We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or using our products.

3. By buying our product and/or services from our website you agree that there is no refunds under any circumstances.

4. If you submit any donations, you agree that you will not dispute, ask for a partial refund or a full refund.

5. If you do not agree to the above, do not submit any donations to the server.

Hacking, cheating and scamming
1. Any hacks or cheats that can compromise GrandMu game server, community chat, files, clients and patches will result to a permanent IP address, computer hardware and account ban.

2. Abusing server bugs, credit harvesters, Ranking Abusers or any type of cheating will receive a permanent account and HWID ban.

3. Scamming involving buy, sell, trade, offtrade and etc. to any users or members will result to a permanent account and HWID ban.

4. Any and all attempts to abuse a system or server configuration failure will result to a 30d account and HWID ban.

1. Any referral of Mu related or non-related GrandMu sites are not to be discussed on either community support (Facebook, Forum, and Discord) or in-game. This includes Advertising or mentioning other Mu server(s) and forums or any other on-line gaming advertisements including rankings that do not affiliate to GrandMu.

2. Keep in mind, that if someone invited you to another Mu server and you have acknowledged this person without reporting the incident then you will also get banned a permanently for assisting a rule breaker.

3. Advertising non-gaming servers will result in being banned permanently.

4. Referrals to any non-gaming related sites are not to be discussed on either community support (Facebook, Forum, Discord) or in-game. This includes advertising or mentioning other websites that contains any adult content, shopping advertisements and etc.

Accessory of the Fact
1. Anyone who dares to assist any person or players on either community support (Facebook, Forum, and Discord) who breaks the rules will also be given a permanent ban.

For example: If you give assistance to someone who is selling items for real currency and gets caught or gets reported then he/she will be permanently banned without warning. Giving assistance by saying "Bro, you got reported on forum so I suggest you to move your items to a new account". If you say that to a rule breaker then you will be permanently banned.


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