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GrandMu x1000 GrandMu x150

GrandMu x1000 GrandMu x150

GrandMu x1000 Opening 8 April!

Hello and welcome to GrandMu Season 18 Part 1-3!

New Server x1000 will be opened on 8 April 18:00 (UTC +2)!

Opening Times:
17:00 UTC +1 (Poland)
18:00 UTC +2 (Romania)
23:00 UTC +7 (Vietnam)
23:00 UTC +7 (Philippines)
13:00 UTC -3 (Argentina)
(Check countdown in website header!)

Like & Share Event, Get 1000 W Coins:
1. Like & Follow our Facebook Page.
2. Like & Share our Facebook Post. Tag 3 friends in comments.
3. Send your account in DM and get 1000 W Coins!

Experience Bonus for New Players:
0 ~ 20 Resets: Experience rate 400%
21 ~ 40 Resets: Experience rate 300%
41 ~ 60 Resets: Experience rate 250%
61 ~ 80 Resets: Experience rate 200%
81 ~ 100 Resets: Experience rate 150%
101 Resets and more: Experience rate 100%

Server Settings:
Version: Season 18 Part 1-3
Experience: x1000
Total Max Level: 1500
Points per Level: 5/7 Master points: 1
Maximum stats: 32000
Max. accounts per IP/PC: 10
Reset System: From 400 Level, 500 stats * reset count, Reset Stats, Reward 10/20 W Coins, 500/1000 Ruud (/reset command)
Grand Reset System: From 250 Resets, Clear all Stats / Resets, Reward 2500/5000 W Coins

Reset Rewards:
Reach 1 Reset and get Golden Fenrir (3 Days), claim: /reset1
Reach 3 Resets and get Panda Ring (3 Days), claim: /reset3
Reach 5 Resets and get Panda Pet (3 Days), claim: /reset5
Reach 10 Resets and get Rage Earring (L), claim: /reset10
Reach 20 Resets and get Rage Earring (R), claim: /reset20
Reach 30 Resets and get Bloodangel Weapon (random), claim: /reset30
Reach 50 Resets and get Ghost Horse, claim: /reset50
Reach 100 Resets and get Wings of Angel and Devil (3 days), claim: /reset100
Reach 150 Resets and get Ice Dragon, claim: /reset150
Reach 200 Resets and get Pierce Lion, claim: /reset200
Reach 250 Resets and get Shining Tail, claim: /reset250
Reach 350 Resets and get Ice Dragon (Rare), claim: /reset350
Reach 500 Resets and get Pierce Lion (Rare), claim: /reset500

Moss Merchant with great rewards
Built in game AntiLag system
Events & Invasion Every Hour
Balanced PvM & PvP
Ruud / W Coins and everything can be found by playing

Common Game Commands:
Global chat: /post
Add Stats: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd
Dec Stats: /decstr, /decagi, /decvit, /decene, /deccmd
Clear PK: /pkclear
OffTrade: /offtrade
OffLevel: /offlevel
AntiLag: /antilag
Class Evolution: /evo
Join Scramble Event: /scramble
Join Ice Wind Valley Event: /regicewind

Posted 05/04/2023, By admin

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